Radiation safety begins with lab directors providing lab-specific training to their personnel regarding occupational risks associated with their specific radionuclides, radiation-generating machines, and procedures.  You are required to comply with the appropriate regulations, complete contamination surveys, verify all personnel participate in the Radiation Safety Services (RSS) Dosimetry Program, and, if applicable, inform women about the Declared Pregnant Woman program.

Radiation Safety Service (RSS) provides you with the following support when working with radioactive materials and radiation-generating machines:

  • Evaluate safety of the activities and facilities
  • Monitor radiation exposures, and assess environmental and personnel doses
  • Respond to radiological emergencies and radioactive spills
  • Monitor radon
  • Recommend monitoring equipment appropriate to the source of radiation
  • Apply for regulatory licenses and registrations
  • Evaluate laser compliance and safety
  • Provide safety training on exposure and contamination control, risk assessment, and instrumentation use




Safety Protocols

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