Radiation-Generating Machines

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), Radiation Safety Services (RSS) is the official liaison on behalf of the University of Michigan (U-M) for all matters involving applications, approvals, registrations, and operation of radiation-generating machines.  This can include devices not normally thought of as radiation-generating machines (e.g. electron microscopes) or radiation-generating machines received on loan, on a trial basis, or for demonstration purposes.

Procurement Services restricts the purchase of x-ray machines and other radiation-producing machines.  EHS-Radiation Safety Service must first approve purchases, leases, loans, or other acquisitions of these machines.  See the list of restricted commodities at the Procurement Services Restricted Purchases & Special Approvals Web page.

Registrations are processed through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and certificates of registration are renewed annually.  The State of Michigan Ionizing Radiation Rules regulate the possession and use of machines capable of generating ionizing radiation.  These rules require that the U-M registers all radiation-generating machines with the State of Michigan prior to operating the machines.

RSS may recharge the costs of registration and related services to facilities that use radiation-generating machines in association with revenue-generating operations.

Contact RSS for advice and assistance prior to acquiring or installing radiation-generating machines at (734) 647-1143.

Registry Information

Facility Radiation Shielding Plan

Modifications, Alterations, Repairs

Safe Use of the Equipment

Removing Radiation-Generating Machines from Service

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