Biological safety begins with lab directors (faculty/lab managers/supervisors) providing lab-specific training regarding occupational risks associated with the research materials and procedures.  As lab director, you are required to write safety program manuals, and where necessary, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) pertaining to the biological substances, hazardous materials, and methods used in your lab.

Biosafety Manual

The Biosafety Manual identifies the potential hazards research staff may encounter when working with infectious biological agents, recombinant DNA (r-DNA), and infectious substances.  Following the Biosafety Manual will help to ensure that research staff who handle these substances receive the appropriate training and safety precautions required under the law.

The manual may be referenced online or printed for personal use.  Maintaining a printed copy of the manual is not required for biosafety inspections.  Lab’s are still required to maintain SOPs, document training, etc.

Infectious Biological Agents and Recombinant DNA

Bloodborne Pathogens

Select Agents and Toxins

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