Working with Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) when planning for and during all construction, renovation, and facility addition projects at U-M is an essential process to help ensure buildings meet life safety codes as well as a multitude of federal, state, and local rules and regulations.  EHS provides consultation during the project site design process and reviews site plans to help ensure all new and renovated buildings or space within a building meet the appropriate rules and regulations regarding worker safety and environmental compliance.

EHS efforts involve a project from the initial concept stage through plan reviews, dealing with lead and asbestos abatement and environmental impacts such as erosion, remediation, and storm water management.  The endpoint in the process involves inspections by the fire safety and building code inspection teams to ensure the facility is suitable for safe occupation by our campus community and visitors.

To help keep your project on schedule and within budget, EHS recommends all projects to go through the formal plan review process and encourages you to contact us early on in the design phase.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction provides a Codes and Regulatory Agencies document that lists the current rules and regulations designers MUST follow when developing site plans.

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