In order to meet the regulatory requirement to maintain public and occupational radiation doses as low as reasonable achievable (ALARA), Radiation Safety Service (RSS) monitors occupational radiation exposure for individuals working with radioactive materials or radiation-generating machines, and maintains permanent records of all occupational radiation doses at U-M.

Occupational radiation exposure includes:

  • External exposure to ionizing radiation emitted by radioactive materials
  • External exposure from devices that produce x-rays or other forms of ionizing radiation (such as electrons or protons)
  • Internal exposure from inhaled, ingested, or absorbed radioactive materials

ALARA Program

External Radiation Exposure

Individual Dose Report

Monitoring Individuals Who Are Pregnant

Internal Radiation Exposure

Who to Contact If Radiation Exposure Is Suspected

Individuals who have been contaminated by radioactive material or involved in a radioactive material spill should immediately contact their Authorized User (supervisor) and/or RSS at (734) 647-1143.

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