Reporting Incidents


Being safe at the University of Michigan (U-M) requires a positive safety culture where we learn from mistakes and near-misses in order to improve and prevent future occurrences. It is vital that you report all “incidents” including near misses, injuries resulting from your activities, non-compliance with safety and environmental rules, and general unsafe work conditions so that we can learn and grow.  Please report them to EHS and we will investigate the cause of the incident, implement corrective actions, and share lessons learned with others in a similar type of activity.

  • If the incident is a true emergency requiring immediate action, you can dial 911 at any time and the appropriate department will respond to the emergency.
  • Prior to reporting an incident to EHS, anyone experiencing a serious or life threatening injury or illness must seek medical attention first:
    • Call 911, or
    • Seek medical care at the U-M Emergency Room
  • Individuals experiencing a non-life threatening issue should visit:
    • U-M Occupational Health Services during business hours
    • U-M Emergency Room after business hours and on weekends
  • Students experiencing a non-life threatening issue should:

How to Report a Work-Related Incident

  1. All incidents that result in injury or illnesses must first be reported.
  2. Incidents relating to research must then also be reported to EHS.
    • Laboratories and Shops/Studios – Incident and Near Miss Report Form involving: near misses, fires/explosions, property damage, injuries, or illnesses.
    • In the event an incident or near miss involves biological materials, see this Incident Report Help Guide for further details to include within the incident report.
  3. Immediately notify EHS of incidents involving radioactive material contamination or inadvertent exposure to ionizing radiation from radiation sources on campus.  For instruction and assistance contact:
    • Radiation Safety Service at 764-6200 during EHS business hours
    • UM-DPSS at 911 (24 hours)

    For additional information click here.

Reporting Non-Compliance with Safety or Environmental Rules or Unsafe Working Conditions:

To report non-compliance or unsafe working conditions, use one of the following methods:

  • Call EHS at (734) 647-1143 to report an issue.  EHS will protect the identity of the caller, if requested, during the investigation and subsequent resolution of the issue.  In many instances, safety and environmental issues need to be addressed immediately to prevent injury or further damage, so we recommend you use this method as it will receive immediate attention by EHS staff.
  • Contact the U-M Compliance Hotline to report an issue.  The Compliance Hotline uses a third party to handle the calls; enabling the caller to remain anonymous.  However you should be aware as the issue works its way through the system it may be a matter of days before it reaches an EHS staff person for investigation, so if your situation involves an imminent hazard we highly recommend a direct call to EHS for assistance.  For more information on compliance at U-M or to report an issue, click the following link:

Compliance Hotline

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