Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) promotes health, safety, and environmental compliance within the U-M campus community.  At the U-M, health and safety and the protection of the environment are everyone’s responsibility.  EHS provides leadership at all levels of the University to maintain a healthy workplace and to protect the environment.

Organization Chart

EHS Department Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission of EHS is to support the U-M Mission through partnership, guidance, and education in order to promote health, safety, protection of the environment, and regulatory compliance.

Our vision identifies how we intend to meet that mission.

  • EHS provides services that promote health, safety, and environmental responsibility through partnerships, guidance, and other activities to support academic, economic, and regulatory needs of the U-M.
  • EHS leads the U-M in developing, disseminating, and applying health, safety, and environmental programs using state-of-the-art technologies and innovative ideas.
  • EHS promotes a culture of environmental compliance and safety that will be integrated throughout U-M activities, while maintaining efficiency and being good financial stewards.
  • EHS retains and attracts high quality staff through professional development and an environment where individuals can contribute to their highest potential, through recognition and empowerment.

As part of Facilities & Operations, we are committed to creating a positive organizational culture, where staff are dedicated to the principles of being: Respectful, Collaborative, Solutions-Based and Proactive.  We are also governed in our daily work to demonstrate the University’s values of Integrity, Respect, Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Innovation as we carry out our work in support of the University’s mission.

U-M EHS Standard Practice Guides (SPGs)

  • [SPG 605.01] Safety, Health and Environmental Policy provides the basis for the operation of EHS and directly lays out the responsibility of the campus community.
  • [SPG 605.02] Designates EHS as the delegated authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) for fire safety on University owned propeties, and as such is responsible for appliction and implementation of fire and life safety codes applicable to University facilities and operations.
  • [SPG 201.45] Establishes expectations for the purchase, care, use and replacement of personal protective equipment.
  • [SPG 601.24] Delegation of Authority to Bind the University to External Agreements on Business and Financial Matters. The EHS Department has been delegated the authority for signing documents related to inquiries on operations or federal, state, and local compliance matters concerning: occupational and community health and safety, environmental activities, public health issues, and use of radioactive materials or equipment capable of producing radiation. This also includes commitments to EHS programs for governmental or corporate research grants.

EHS Staff

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