Scientific Diving

The University of Michigan (U-M) Scientific Dive Safety Program monitors the health and safety of divers operating under U-M sanctioned programs or research to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.  The U-M Scientific Dive Safety Program is managed by the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Diving Safety Coordinator who:

  • Authorizes individuals wanting to dive in conjunction with employment, research, or educational activities at U-M
  • Reviews health and safety aspects of research projects and instructional activities which involve skin, scuba, or surface-supplied diving
  • Consults with divers and their supervisors about personnel selection and training
  • Evaluates work sites and identifies job-related hazards
  • Reviews equipment requirements, diving protocol, and operational safety
  • Evaluates the condition of the applicant’s diving equipment or U-M owned diving equipment to be used and specifies technical inspection and maintenance requirements by a qualified technician
  • Informs divers of the potential risk of working underwater and what to do to protect themselves

Supplemental Information

Safety Authorization for U-M Scientific Diving

Diver Training Programs

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