Disposal & Decommissioning

Radiation Safety Service (RSS) oversees the decommissioning and disposal of equipment, instruments, and machines that were used for research with radioactive materials, contain sealed sources, or generate radiation.  Decommissioning of laboratory space is covered on the Lab Decommissioning webpage.  Equipment used for research with radioactive materials must be decontaminated and surveyed by RSS prior to relocating or releasing the equipment for:

  • Unrestricted use
  • In-house or return service by the manufacturer
  • In-house service by U-M personnel
  • Sale through Property Disposition

After RSS has certified the equipment as free of residual contamination, the authorized user must complete and attach a copy of the Laboratory Equipment Owner Decommissioning Form  to the equipment.  The form is used to inform the new user, service personnel, or Property Disposition that the equipment is free of contaminants and safe for handling.

Sealed Sources

The U-M is responsible for ensuring that devices containing sealed radioactive sources are used as intended by the manufacturer, are not lost, tampered or stolen, and are properly disposed.  The following devices and instruments contain radioactive-sealed sources that must be removed by RSS prior to disposal:

  • Gas chromatographs with Ni-63 electron capture detectors
  • Liquid scintillation counters
  • Gamma counters
  • Static discharge devices and air ionization devices
  • Certain self-luminous “EXIT” signs
  • Smoke detectors

If these devices are being moved to another location, notify RSS in advance of the move at (734) 647-1143.

Disposing of Radioactive Waste

Only EHS Hazardous Materials Management (HMM) is authorized to dispose of radioactive wastes at the U-M.

For more information, refer to the Hazardous Waste > Radioactive Waste  page.

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