Research Facility Decommissioning

Research facility directors (faculty/lab managers/supervisors) must ensure that their vacated space is cleared for unrestricted future use (i.e. are free of all chemical, biological, and radioactive materials and hazardous equipment) when:

  • Leaving U-M space
  • Moving to a different U-M space (another building or lab within the same building complex)
  • Electing to permanently terminate the use of radioactive material

Research personnel are responsible for ensuring proper removal of all hazardous materials and cleaning all chemical, biological, and radioactive contamination identified by EHS until the space is officially designated as being decommissioned. EHS must verify that the decommissioned space is ready for re-occupancy or renovation.

The Checklist for Decommissioning a Laboratory identifies the decommissioning tasks that must be completed as part of the laboratory decommissioning process.  If you are also terminating the use of radioactive materials, you must also complete the decommissioning tasks listed in the Checklist to Terminate Using Radioactive Materials. For more information, refer to the Laboratory Decommissioning guideline. Lab directors will be notified of the results of the final inspections by RHS, Biological Safety, and RSS.

NOTE: If you are renovating any laboratory or intended laboratory space, complete the Laboratory Space Modification Form prior to starting the renovation project.

Documents Needed When Leaving a Laboratory

Laboratory Equipment Owner Decommissioning

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