Engineered Nanomaterials

Use and handling of engineered nanomaterials presents a risk to personnel because they may be more toxic, flammable, explosive, or reactive than their parent material; and while many studies are underway at the national level, there is still insufficient information available to predict the long-term health risks posed by exposure to many of the materials.

Lab directors (faculty/lab managers/supervisors) beginning resesarch using nanomaterials must complete the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Nanomaterials Survey in addition to other University of Michigan (U-M) research applications.  EHS will use the information from the survey to evaluate the materials, planned uses, support facilities, and proposed hazard controls in order to provide safety support to you in your research.

Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines and Manuals

The Nanomaterials Standard Operating Procedure may be required for your research operation, depending on what type of research you are performing, types of hazards, and engineering controls.  This document is in a downloadable “Word” format so that you can print it for your operation as is, or download and modify it to meet your unique needs.  When you click the link it will automatically go to the download file.

For More Information

For technical support regarding engineered nanomaterials, contact EHS at (734) 763-6973.

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