Compressed Gas

Lab directors (faculty/lab managers/supervisors) must obtain pre-approval from Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) to purchase compressed gases know to be highly toxic, flammable, or reactive; particularly in quantities that could exceed normal precautions or engineering controls, and create major issues during an emergency response.  These gases are as follows:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrides (arsine, disilane, diborane, germane, phosphine, silane)
  • Hydrogen
  • Toxic (NFPA Health Rating of 3 or 4)
  • Oxidizers (chlorine, fluorine)
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Corrosive

For more information about this requirement, refer to the Policy information located on the Restricted Hazardous Gas Approval Form.

Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines, and Manuals

The following documents may be required for your research operation, depending on what type of research you are performing, the potential hazards you and your staff will be exposed to, and the engineering controls you are implementing.  Some of these documents are in a downloadable “Word” format so that you can print them for your operation as is, or download and modify them to meet your unique needs.  When you click the link it will automatically go to the download file.

For more information, or technical support assistance for the proper use and storage of compressed gases, contact EHS at (734) 763-6973.

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