Safety Data Sheets

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS), provided under federal law by all manufacturers and vendors of hazardous chemicals, contains physical and toxicological hazard information for the product.  For Hazard Communications (HazCom) compliance, OSHA/MIOSHA requires the vendor or manufacturer to provide a specific SDS for each chemical.   General SDS are only allowed under certain conditions (Refer to the OSHA Letter of Interpretation for more information).

At the University of Michigan (U-M) we use the ChemWatch GoldFXX SDS database system to meet the majority of our SDS needs.  The GoldFFX database contains over 120 million vendor Safety Data Sheets for chemicals and chemical mixtures in 48 languages.  You can use GoldFFX to:

  • Print safety labels, view molecular structures, and obtain environmental & other regulatory information
  • Locate a particular vendor SDS
  • Access mini-SDS for one-page Hazard Assessments
  • View/print US Department of Transportation’s Emergency Response Guides
  • Create department-specific SDS folders for easier SDS retrieval

To access the GoldFFX database, click on the link below:

NOTE:  If you are unable to access the GoldFFX database by one of the above links, or if you are trying to access the database from a non-University of Michigan connection, please contact EHS at for the login information.

Using the GoldFFX Database to Locate a SDS

Departmental SDS Folders in the GoldFFX Database

The GoldFFX Database Instruction User Guide

Supplemental Information

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