The Michigan Food Law requires that licensed food service facilities receive a routine inspection every six months to check on the health and safety of the operations at the facility.  Deviations from the law are recorded as violations on the inspection reports.  There are three types of violations:

Priority Item An item that is more likely than other violations to contribute to food contamination, illness to humans, or an environmental health hazard At the time of inspection
Priority Foundation Item An item whose application supports, facilitates, or enables one or more Priority items Immediately OR within 10 days if the Priority Foundation violations do not create an immediate health hazard
Core Item Less hazardous Within 90 days

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) posts the most recent inspections completed online.  See section below labeled “Inspection Reports”. For more information about the food inspection reports, contact EHS at (734) 647-1142 or

Supplemental Information

Michigan Modified Food Code

Inspection Reports

An inspection report is a “snapshot” of the day and time of the inspection.  On any given day, a food establishment could have more or fewer violations than are noted in the inspection report.  An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long term condition of an establishment.

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