Building Environment Issues

The indoor environment of buildings at University of Michigan (U-M) plays a key role in the overall health of the U-M faculty, staff, students, and visitors.  When the following incidents occur within a U-M building, environmental cleanup and remediation is performed by U-M or contract personnel:

  • A flood in a building due to heavy rains, plumbing failures, or sewer backups
  • A known pre-existing condition that was not a health risk, is now a health risk
  • An unknown pre-existing condition is discovered
  • A spill or leak of a hazardous material

If you experience or notice any of these situations while on campus and need assistance in coordinating cleanup or remediation work, contact Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) at (734) 647-1143.  Environmental cleanup reduces the likelihood of individuals being exposed to:

  • Disease-causing organisms
  • Mold
  • Lead
  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Biological substances
  • Radioactive material

Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines, and Manuals

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