Request Collection and Supplies

Request for waste to be collected and supplies delivered can be made using one of the following methods:

NOTE:  Call HMM for collection of your waste no later than 60 days after your accumulation start date (the date you first add waste to the container).  This will ensure that the waste will be sent for disposal prior to the 90-day regulatory deadline.

Waste Collection Request

Please provide the following information when requesting a waste pick-up:

  • Contact name (for radioactive waste include the authorized users name), or both
  • Phone number of the laboratory in which the waste is located
  • Room number and Building where the waste is located
  • Type of waste to be collected
  • Number of containers of each waste type and a description of the containers (type, size, etc)
  • Replacement containers needed
  • Any special handling instructions or hazard notifications
  • For radioactive waste, let us know if the contact exposure rate of any waste container exceeds 50 mrem/hour

Best Practices for Waste Containers

  • Use waste containers that are in good condition to ensure that your waste is safely contained while in your possession and during transport.
  • Keep all containers closed, except when adding waste, to prevent accidental spills and evaporation.  NOTE:  this is a regulatory requirement.
  • Provide adequate secondary containment for waste containers so that if your container starts to leak, the spill can be limited from spreading and making the contamination problems larger.
  • Keep your containers in a secure location, and ensure they are protect from exposure to weather, vandalism and unauthorized access.

If you are requesting waste supplies – see table below for descriptions – please provide the following information:

  • Email address
  • Supply items needed
    • Waste containers
    • Waste labels
    • Waste manifests
    • In-Line Cap kits
    • Posters
  • Quantity needed

DOT Labels

The following labels are available, through HMM, to all U-M departments.  There is no charge to general fund non-revenue producing departments; there is a charge to revenue generating departments.

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