Request Collection and Supplies

Request for waste to be collected and supplies delivered can be made using one of the following methods:

NOTE:  Promptly call your waste in for collection. This helps reduce the hazards from waste that accumulates longer than necessary.

Waste Collection Request

Please provide the following information when requesting a waste pick-up:

  • Contact name (for radioactive waste include the authorized users name), or both
  • Phone number of the laboratory in which the waste is located
  • Room number and Building where the waste is located
  • Type of waste to be collected
  • Number of containers of each waste type and a description of the containers (type, size, etc)
  • Replacement containers needed
  • Any special handling instructions or hazard notifications
  • For radioactive waste, let us know if the contact exposure rate of any waste container exceeds 50 mrem/hour

Best Practices for Waste Containers

  • Use waste containers that are in good condition to ensure that your waste is safely contained while in your possession and during transport.
  • Keep all containers closed, except when adding waste, to prevent accidental spills and evaporation.  NOTE:  this is a regulatory requirement.
  • Provide adequate secondary containment for waste containers so that if your container starts to leak, the spill can be limited from spreading and making the contamination problems larger.
  • Keep your containers in a secure location, and ensure they are protected from exposure to weather, vandalism and unauthorized access.

Waste Disposal Supplies and Labels

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