Chemical Waste

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) collects and processes the chemical waste generated by operations at the University of Michigan (U-M).  In order to maintain compliance with strict federal and state regulations, waste generators must follow the EHS-designed protocols for proper disposal of chemical waste.  Following the protocols for managing chemical waste reduces costs, ensures regulatory compliance, maintains a safe work place, and protects the environment.

Contact EHS Hazardous Materials Management (HMM) at (734) 763-4568 for questions about, or assistance with, these protocols or for consultation about any special waste streams anticipated from your activity.

General Guidelines for Managing Chemical Waste

  • Employ waste minimization techniques at all times – use only the volume of chemical necessary for the operation being performed and do not order more than is necessary
  • Affix the HAZARDOUS WASTE label to the waste container prior to adding any waste to it
  • Ensure the WASTE MANIFEST and HAZARDOUS WASTE label are properly filled out

Preparing Chemical Waste for Collection

The following process describes what laboratory personnel must do to prepare chemical waste for collection:

  • Complete the WASTE MANIFEST
  • Store chemical waste in a safe, accessible, and easily identifiable location for EHS personnel to inspect for completeness and transport
  • Contact HMM at (734) 763-4568 or complete the online Waste and Supply Request form for collection, indicating quantity and location of chemical waste

Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines, and Manuals

Supplemental Information

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