Steve O’Rielly

Manager, Environmental Protection & Permitting

  • Support and assist the University Community with environmental issues or concerns that may arise
  • Assist research grant applicants with environmental compliance issues
  • Manage the planning, development, implementation and administration of environmental regulatory compliance programs for the University
    • Air Quality Compliance, Monitoring and Permitting
    • Environmental Assessment & Remediation
    • Property Redevelopment & Campus Environmental Planning Issues
    • Property Transactions: Phase I Assessments & Phase II Investigations
    • Sanitary Sewer System Discharges
    • SARA Title III Chemical Reports
    • Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control (SESC) Program, Permitting and Inspections
    • Storage Tank Management
    • Storm Water, Surface Water and Ground Water Quality
    • Threatened & Endangered (T&E) Species Surveys
    • Wetland Delineation, Permitting and Management

Telephone Number
(734) 763-4642

Email Address

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