Karl Fischer

Director, Radiation Safety Service

  • Managing the University’s radiation safety program
  • Surveillance over all activities involving radioactive material and radiation-producing devices
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Identifying radiation safety problems
  • Initiating, recommending, or providing corrective actions
  • Assisting the Radiation Policy Committee and Radioactive Drug Research Committee in the performance of their duties
  • Advising research and clinical personnel, management, and the Radiation Policy Committee on the proper control of potential radiological hazards to health and safety
  • Provide occupational radiation safety training to UMHS faculty and staff using radioactive material and/or X-ray machines
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with regard to the use of radioactive material (NRC) and radiation producing devices (MDCH)
  • Respond to radiological incidents

Telephone Number
(734) 647-2251

Email Address

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