Kathleen McDonald

EHS Representative

  • Soil and Groundwater Environmental Investigations; manage/conduct investigative activities at known areas of contamination, or potential areas of concern. Collect and evaluate data, and develop soil and groundwater management plans
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation; evaluate contaminant concentrations, and exposure pathways; implement cost-effective remediation strategies that reduce and/or remove contaminants. Implement controls to prevent adverse contaminant exposures to human health and the environment
  • Due Care; manage/develop Due Care Plans for contaminated properties that document existing environmental conditions, prevent adverse contaminant exposures, and prevent the spread of contamination
  • Environmental Audits; coordinate/conduct audits of processes/operations that generate/use hazardous substances. Coordinate/conduct property audits, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for University property transactions
  • Ensure regulatory compliance under Michigan Public Act 451, Part 201 (Environmental Remediation), and Part 213 (Leaking Underground Storage Tank)

Telephone Number
(734) 764-5083

Email Address

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