ChEM Reuse Program

The Chemical, Equipment, and Materials (ChEM) Reuse program, a University of Michigan (U-M) sustainability initiative, is a repository of unexpired and unused chemicals, equipment, or materials that are available to you for use in U-M research and teaching laboratories located on the Ann Arbor campus.  The ChEM Reuse Program cannot guarantee if or when items will be available to research or teaching laboratories.  The ChEM program:

  • Protects the environment by reducing the overall volume of hazardous waste sent for disposal
  • Reduces the cost of purchasing new materials if those in the repository are acceptable for your research or teaching needs

The program enables U-M research and teaching laboratories to:

  • Obtain available chemicals, equipment, and materials free of charge
  • Donate surplus chemicals, equipment, and materials into this program for redistribution to others who may find a need

Requesting Chemicals, Equipment, and Materials

Click the appropriate link below and within each order form you will see a list of the available chemicals, equipment, or materials.  The available items are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.  After you are in the order form, complete the requestor information and then scroll down and select items you are interested in.  NOTE:  After you are in the order form, if you press Ctrl + F a search box will display to assist you in looking for a specific item.

After selecting the items of interest, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Submit button.  An EHS representative will contact you to make arrangements for delivery.

Donating to the ChEM Reuse Program

The ChEM Reuse Program Donation and Order Form below enables researchers and teaching labs to:

  • Donate unexpired and unused chemicals, equipment, or materials that are no longer needed
  • Place a standing order for needed chemicals, equipment, or materials  NOTE: A standing order enables the requestor to receive first preference when an item becomes available.  It does not mean that the item will be delivered on a schedule-basis.

When completing the form the field, “ChEM” is for any chemical, piece of equipment, or material.  The form only has space to donate or order three items.  If more than three items are being donated or ordered, email the Office of Campus Sustainability at for assistance.

  • For donations EHS will review the submitted form and contact the donor to make arrangements for collection.
  • If you are placing a standing order EHS will contact the requestor when the items become available to make arrangements for delivery.
Donate ChEM (Chemical, Equipment or Material)
If you have a chemical, equipment, or material that you do not intend to use in the near future, please fill out this form to donate an item or items. Because it is likely that others may need these items, participating in this program will help us help others on campus.

For More Information

Contact Nicole Berg (734) 763-4615 or Ken Keeler (734) 936-6663 or email: if you have questions about this program.