Environmental Considerations

Environmental risk management begins with being aware of pollutants that can harm the environment and taking measures to reduce their impacts.  EHS Environmental Protection and Permitting Program (EP3) coordinates Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to investigate site soil and groundwater quality for property the U-M is interested in purchasing or leasing and for U-M properties undergoing construction or renovation.

If the assessment activities identify contaminants within the subsurface, the concentrations are compared to risk-based criteria for site-specific exposure pathways.  If remediation is deemed necessary, cost effective and innovative solutions are implemented.

Environmental protection continues with U-M construction workers and contractors working with EHS to prevent pollutants from the construction activities from entering the environment and to ensure the health of the environment surrounding the construction site is not compromised.  As a U-M construction staff or a contractor, you are responsible for knowing and adhering to the U-M Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Program and Storm Water Management Program, which complies with federal, state, and local regulations.  For more information contact EP3 at (734) 936-1920.

EP3 provides assistance with the following environmental criteria in the design plan.  The list is not all inclusive; it highlights the common or typical areas to consider when designing your project:

Permits and Assessments

In addition to reviewing design plans, EP3 is also responsible for obtaining permits and overseeing environmental assessments, where applicable, some of which can take six to nine months to obtain or complete.

For more information, contact EP3 at (734) 936-1920.