Contractor Safety

The University of Michigan (U-M) places the highest priority on safety, and is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all that attend, visit, and work at U-M.  This includes construction contractors and their respective work forces.

Safety is an essential component of construction work, and it is a key contractual responsibility for those managing and performing such work. The U-M’s goal is zero injuries on construction projects. Effective contractor safety programs align with this goal by assisting contractors to systematically identify and evaluate anticipated hazards in order to establish controls in advance and prevent accidents.  Interactions developed through these programs also bring collateral benefits in the form of increased safety awareness, improved communication, documentation, and cost savings.

Contractor Safety Program


Supplemental Information

The Contractor Safety Recognition Program rewards employees, identified by U-M contractor partners, who exhibit safe work practices while performing work on the U-M capital projects.

Additional Projects for Walbridge MVPPC

  • East Quad Renovation – May 2012
  • Lawyers Club Renovation – May 2012
  • Wall Street Parking Structure – June 2013
  • Munger Graduate Residence Hall – September 2013
  • West Quad Renovation – May 2014
  • Ross School of Business – July 2014


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