Use of posters in areas where faculty, staff, students, and visitors congregate, work, or simply pass through can be a great educational opportunity.  Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) has developed the following posters to remind and inform you about safe work practice controls and best practices regarding research, worker, environmental and campus life safety.  The posters also provide information about waste and how to properly dispose of it to maintain the integrity of our health and environment.

If you are interested in a poster, contact your EHS representative at (734) 647-1143 with your request and campus mail address; and we will get it out to you.  Suggestions for improvement or new posters are always welcome.

Research and Clinical Safety

Reporting Incidents


University of Michigan Compliance Hotline

Planning Safe Research


Don’t Wear Protective Gloves Outside the Research Laboratory

Ready in an Emergency

Ready in an Emergency? Keep Your Safety Shower and Eyewash Station Clean and Accessible

Replace Your Gloves

Replace Your Gloves Before They Let You Down

Safer Science Today Begins with You

Safer Science Today Begins with You

Working Alone

Working Alone: Never a Good Idea

Equipment and Tools

Proper Disposal of Syringes/Needles


Periodic Table

Become Familiar with OSHA HazCom Classifications

LN2 Poster

Don’t Get Burned with Using Cryogenic Liquids

Excellence Happens Safely

Excellence Happens Safely

How Many Safety Issues Can You Find?

Hydrofluoric Acid

Preventable Eye Injuries Hurt the Most

SDS Location Poster

Trade Up: Wear Chemical Splash Goggles When Needed

We Can Do Better


Autoclave Use and Safety

Dry Ice Shipping is Federally Regulated as Hazardous (For all schools except the Medical School)

Laboratory Refuse Collection

Universal Human Blood and Body Fluid Precautions

What You Work With Can Make You Sick

Needle Injury/Eye Exposure



Animal and Allergy

Hazardous Waste

Chemical Waste

Helpful Hints for Preparing Chemical Waste for Collection

In-Line Waste Cap

The In-Line Waste Collection System

The In-Line Waste System for 4L Bottles

The In-Line Waste System for Drums

Radioactive Waste

Helpful Hints for Preparing Radioactive Waste for Collection

Biological Waste

Laboratory Refuse Collection

Worker Safety

Risk Factors

Working Alone: Never a Good Idea

Hazard Communication

Become Familiar with OSHA HazCom Classifications

Michigan Safety and Health Protection on the Job

Safety Equipment

Excellence Happens Safely



Food Vendor Reminders

Keep Our Michigan Waters Blue!

Keep Our Michigan Waters Blue!

Campus Life Safety

Food Safety

Stop Foodborne Illness: Keep It Cold, Keep It Separate, Keep is Clean, Keep it Hot

Food Vendor Reminders

Community Health

Food Vendor Reminders

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