Chemical & Oil Storage Tanks

Storing products and chemicals such as heating oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, acids, and bases in bulk storage containers or in tanks, whether underground or above ground, raises concerns over leaks, spills, and overfills.  Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), Environmental Protection and Permitting Program (EP3) manages the above ground and underground tank systems at University of Michigan (U-M).  EP3:

  • Oversees environmental issues, such as leaks, spills, and overfills, associated with U-M tank systems
  • Reviews tank system installation information and facility site plans prior to being submitted to the State of Michigan
  • Communicates with the State of Michigan on behalf of U-M

Contact EP3 at (734) 647-1143 when needing to communicate or submit information to the State of Michigan.

Plan Review and Certification for Above-ground Storage Tanks

Plan Review and Certification for Underground Storage Tanks

Decommissioning Above-ground and Underground Storage Tanks

Noticeable Release of Tank Contents

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