Food Truck Safety Application

Food Truck Application

In addition to completing this application, Food Truck vendors must secure a permit from the University of Michigan’s Environment, Health, & Safety’s (EHS) Fire Safety Services (FSS) unit.

A minimum of 7-days notification is required for EHS FSS to schedule the respective fire safety inspection prior to the scheduled event. There is no service fee charge for this inspection. Vendors who desire to operate more than one Food Truck shall have each Food Truck complete this inspection process. Issued permits must be clearly displayed within the immediate area of the sales counter on the assigned Food Truck(s).

EHS FSS requires all food trucks to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the scheduled inspection. EHS fire inspectors reserve the right to refuse service for not meeting this standard that will result in the inspection to be re-scheduled.

Additionally, the University of Michigan reserves the right to conduct additional inspections at any time for any reason.

To schedule an inspection, please contact Fire Inspector Ira Harrison via email at or contact the EHS office at (734) 647-1143

Inspection Location
Environment, Health & Safety
1239 Kipke Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Monday-Friday 7AM to 3:30PM

Permit Use Date

Event Information

Type of Platform
Ventilation System/Fire Supression System
Does the food you cook produce grease laden vapor?
Identify the Fire Extinguishers
Do you use propane to heat or cook food?
Propane cylinder hydrostatic test date must be within 5 years
Do you use a generator?
While the Food Truck Application Form only needs to be submitted and approved once every six months (January-June or July-December), the Notice of Intent to Operate form must be submitted every time a STFU or Mobile Food Establishment operates at an event on campus. Please click here to fill out the Notice of Intent to Operate form.
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