BLS025w General Laboratory Safety Training

All research laboratory personnel must successfully complete this course or an approved equivalent provided by EHS. This course is designed to provide training on the topic of laboratory health and safety with additional focus on personal protective equipment. If necessary for your research work, Bloodborne pathogens safety training is covered in another course module. The employee will be provided with general information necessary to work safely in a laboratory and understand applicable regulations, including an overview of employee rights and responsibilities. The primary regulations covered are: MIOSHA Part 431. Hazardous Work in Laboratories, MIOSHA R325.60001 Personal Protective Equipment. Additional topics related to working in laboratories are also covered including: hazardous waste management, electrical safety, understanding Safety Data Sheets (hazard communication), compressed gas cylinder safety, engineering controls, and standard operating procedures. This information is important for your safety and you must complete the entire training. Beyond this training, laboratory supervisors must provide employees with safety information/training that is laboratory-specific and focused on experimental materials & methods.

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