BLS005 Laser Safety Basic Training

EHS offers this self-study option as a way for you to review the contents of our Laser Safety Basic Training and test your knowledge by completing a short quiz of the material. Please review this information and your quiz results with your Principal Investigator (PI). A record of this review should be kept by the PI in the laboratory’s Blue Binder along with other training records for safe laser use.

Your laboratory PI must deliver laboratory-specific and device-specific instruction. The hands-on training provided by the lab Laser Supervisor is most important. The PI or Laser Supervisory is responsible to ensure that the trainee has a good understanding of the practices/precautions for safe use of research lasers. As with all aspects of laboratory safety, the PI is ultimately responsible to ensure their staff is properly trained. Please review the Laser Safety information and guidelines on our website. This training is NOT comprehensive; it offers only the basics as a convenience for our research community and does NOT fulfill all laser safety training requirements.

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