Chemical Inventory

Each lab director (faculty/lab manager/supervisor) is required to maintain a current inventory of all potentially hazardous chemicals stored, used, or produced within each lab that is under their responsibility.  Labs are required to use the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) chemical inventory system, Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA), unless their inventory is included in the Chemistry Department chemical tracking system.

EHSA Login Request

Before you can access the EHSA, you must complete the EHSA Login Request.  Within 5-7 business days, you will be granted access to EHSA and will be able to login via your Kerberos authentication.

Launching the EHSA, click:

NOTE:  If you are unable to access the Chemical Inventory System, please send an email to

Updating Chemical Inventories

Lab directors may update their chemical inventories as often as they deem necessary, depending on the frequency of new purchases and their use of each chemical.  However, at a minimum, you must update the EHSA:

  • Annually, or
  • Within 60 days of change in your use of a Department of Homeland Security Chemical Of Interest (DHS COI) as identified by EHS and discussed below

Purpose of the Chemical Inventory System (EHSA)

The EHSA has two purposes.  The first deals with regulatory compliance where EHS uses the EHSA to maintain inventories for emergency response during incidents on University of Michigan (U-M) campuses as well as facilitating U-M compliance with the US Department of Homeland Security’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS).  CFATS governs security at high-risk chemical facilities to prevent the intentional misuse of certain DHS COIs by sabotage, theft, diversion, or direct attack.  The EHSA enables EHS to determine which chemicals meet the DHS COI criteria, their location, and quantity.

The EHSA also enables lab directors to coordinate the use and storage of their chemicals, which should assist with their Hazard Communication (HazCom) and Chemical Hygiene Plan compliance, chemical ordering, and chemical “trading.”  The EHSA can assist with flagging or identifying certain hazardous chemicals needing an SOP or pre-approval or that have expiration dates.

EHSA Security

The EHSA is maintained on a secure internet server.  It is designed so that each lab director, or designee, using the EHSA can only access the inventory and data applicable to their own laboratories.  Additional logins can be created for read-only access.  Certain EHS personnel have access to all of the data to maintain the system and to enable compliance with the CFATS and other regulatory and institutional requirements.

Features of the EHSA

The EHSA is a web-based application available free of charge to lab directors and their designee.  It is maintained by EHS—meaning lab directors do not have to provide disk space to use the EHSA or purchase, install, update, or back up the software.  The EHSA is compatible with PCs, Macs, and most web-browsers.  Use the EHSA to:

  • Enter data
  • Sort and search data
  • Locate records and inventory updates
  • Generate PDF chemical inventory reports, e.g., Peroxide-Formers, Pyrophoric/Water-Sensitive, Restrictive, Carcinogens, Controlled Substances, etc.
  • Export the inventory to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Access (read-only) another department’s chemical inventory to identify chemicals that can be traded or borrowed
  • Access Safety Data Sheet (SDS) data by web links, auto-populated Google web searches, data/file associations, PDF file, or the ChemWatch/GoldFFX SDS database system

The EHSA can be customized for U-M’s particular work-flow & needs.  Contact EHS at for more information.

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